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Customizing the WordPress Comments Form on Genesis 2.0


Customizing the new Genesis 2.0 comment form... I am writing this post in response to one of my reader's questions about why my existing comment form modification code was not updating his comment form, but before I get into the specifics of the new code that is required, I'll give you a little background first.Note: If you are looking for information on how to customize the original Genesis version 1.x comment form please click here.The Backstory...A little more than ... Read Full Story

Using a Custom CSS File in WordPress – With or Without a Genesis Child Theme


Why Do I need a Custom CSS File? I've been developing and building websites with WordPress for quite a long time now, and it always seems like no matter what theme or child theme has been chosen for any given project I'm working on, the need to customize that theme to fit the project's exact needs always arises. In fact, I'm quite sure that you have either already encountered this issue on your own website / blog or you are still searching and struggling to find the "perfect theme" to fit ... Read Full Story

My Income Report – July 2013


Success! July 2013 has been a complete game changer for my internet business in many ways. In the recent past I've experienced many setbacks, failures, and successes in my online business, but most of this was due to the steep learning curve that I've had to undergo with my business. However, the month of July was AWESOME! I've finally started to experience some success in my business and it has been very rewarding, to say the least!Well...Get on with the Story! ... Read Full Story

How I’m Gettin’ Serious About My Business!


Hello everyone. I know you haven't heard from me for a couple of weeks now and some of my regular readers may have been wondering what's going on. Actually, I have a lot of good things to tell you about, so grab yourself a cup-o-coffee and let me bring you up to speed on how I've gotten completely refocused on what I'm supposed to be doing (affiliate marketing) and how I've revived my internet marketing business! Before I wrote my last post about Refocusing on Affiliate Marketing, I'd started ... Read Full Story